Power Booster

$45.00 incl. Tax

Fully active for 5 hours.

Delivery time 10 days.

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Can support the body in quickly returning to its natural, optimal level of energy and to stay there for several hours.

  • A quick boost your energy, for example in a competition or performance, for an evening event and so much more.
  • Only works with an intact basic energy-level. Otherwise please use Soft Booster.
  • Is activated when attached to skin.
  • Apply to clean and dry skin. Allow enough time for the patch to adhere before any strenuous activities like exercising. Wearing lotion and oils will affect adhesion of the patch.
  • Should be worn for a maximum of 7 days and only as long as there is 100% wearing comfort and well-being.
  • Daily activities, sports, swimming and showering are easily possible without having to change the patch. Please pat dry carefully, do not rub.