Through subtle energy processes the download on these products can have a direct influence on pollution loads. Since these are almost impossible to avoid – be it in food, drink, water, clothing or our environment – Beyond-T is an important companion in our everyday life. Beyond-T continuously supports our system as well as that our four-legged friends in neutralizing these substances, wherever we come into contact with them. Beyond-T is also downloaded in the Master-products.
Remains fully active for six months.



  • Wear close to the body all the time or at least use three times a week for 15 minutes
  • Can be used to neutralize pollution loads in consumables: to do this, place the food or drink on the card for 15 minutes
  • Can lead to significant improvements in mood
  • Do not use during a course of chemotherapy or similar



  • Can be worn permanently or as required. We recommend regularly using it twice a week for 15 minutes, or as needed on three consecutive days for 15 minutes at a time
  • Can also be put in the animal’s favorite sleeping place close to the body
  • Can lead to significant improvements in mood, especially in animals sensitive to pollution
  • According to our experience, Beyond-T/Animal can be used to neutralize pollution loads in foodstuffs
  • Often improves energy levels and the condition of the animal’s fur