Our reaction as well as the reaction of our animals to different situations is highly individualized and largely based on our past experiences. Though these situations may be long forgotten they still impact what causes stress today.
The subtle energy processes of Balance harmonize us and our four-legged friends in these reactions. Simultaneously it interrupts acquired stress patterns, disconnecting automatic stress responses, allowing a more constructive answer to the situation possible. Remains fully active for 3 months, patches 7 days (6 months for animals)



  • Wear at all times during the day
  • Can be placed under the pillow at night, although not a must. This can lead to animated sleep through vivid dreams in the first few nights, but subsequently sleep should be more restful than before.
  • A general reduction in stress level and the associated challenges, notable increase in personal stress tolerance, focussing on solutions instead of poblems.
  • Increased calmness in situations with high stress levels – professional, competitions, exam nerves, fear of flying, nervousness, etc. (where stress isn’t caused by a medical condition) – and stress related mood swings
  • Can be extremely useful in interacting with all animals



  • Ideally it is worn at all times Can also be put in the animal’s favorite sleeping place, close to the body
  • A general reduction of stress, normally combined with a significant increase in stress tolerance
  • Supportive in situations with increased stress, for example travel, environmental changes, tournaments
  • Supports learning new behavior