We are inviting partners,

  • that feel the impulse, that are open and curious.
  • that enhance and complete us with their abilities.
  • that support us in spreading the Beyond Matters products and service in the world - in your business environment with your professional knowledge and special experience, or in your regional area. As a distributor or a retailer. For humans and/or animals.
  • that feel inspired to combine our products with their own - to create something new that is innovative and unique.

Contact us at mail@beyondmatters.info


Our partners

Liquid Lighted Love, LLC is our distributor in North America and hosting and managing our consignment stock for deliveries within the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Danny Parizek, owner and managing director introduces his company:

"Liquid Lighted Love, LLC is honored to be the authentic distributor and promoter of Beyond Matters products in North America.  We are here to offer support to retailers and individuals spread the good news of this leading edge technology.  Our intention is to realize that life is beautiful and adventurous as we help each other generously grow in Love. Come play in possibility, YOU are invited.

Let us know how we can support your events and gatherings here in North America.  We are here to give as good as it gets."

Contact us at liqudlightedlove@gmail.com

About Beyond Matters

It is our desire to support you to the best of our ability on this shared journey we call life.