About Beyond Matters

For decades, Griseldis has been working in a field that begins well beyond the horizons of what we learn at school and most Universities. And “Beyond” is what the American-born Transformer calls it, as it is also “beyond” most words and terms in everyday use and thinking.

What she sees as self-evident may still seem strange for others. Take, for example, her idea of matter: “What we perceive as matter is simply an aggregation state of information and energy,” she explains, with reference to quantum physics.

Griseldis delved into this field for many years before concluding that although you may be able to explain much with current scientific knowledge, perhaps you don’t always have to. She experiences that more and more people are growing aware that we are capable of influencing complex consciousness processes, thus producing a lasting effect on our reality.

The products that Griseldis Ellis has developed over the last years are based on her difficult to grasp yet describable abilities: on the one hand, an extrasensory perception that looks behind the aggregation state of matter and perceives its complex interactions; on the other, the skill to purposefully change the perceived multidimensionally through mentally directed energetic intervention.

Together they enable the “programming” of objects, to make our lives easier and more conscious. In our experience they support us in positively coping with, even transforming everyday challenges and obstacles.

After all, behind the material shell, humans, animals and even bacteria, viruses and harmful substances are primarily information and energy. Some German and American colleagues, among them pioneers of research in the field of consciousness, designate these products as “Cutting Edge Technology”.

Griseldis may not and won’t provide a concrete promise of efficacy. She points out that being based on a materialistic worldview, legislation isn’t compatible with these “multidimensional instruments”. Instead she invites people to simply try her transformative cards and beads for themselves.

Who is it for?

For those who want to be healthier. For those who feel the impulse and are open and curious - about companions that facilitate the journey of body and soul – the journey of our human existence. And for all who want to positively support their four-legged companions. However, small children shouldn’t be exposed to the effects of individual objects on a permanent basis.

But also for those who may be skeptical: in our experience, your doubts won’t diminish the effects of the products. If no positive changes are experienced your shipment can be sent back within 30 days, trouble-free. All expenses except shipping costs will be reimbursed.