Quantum Set

The Quantum Set is an ideal companion for every day and wonderful when traveling. The combination of Master, Balance, Soft and Power Booster supports you optimally in life.


Beyond-T continuously supports our system as well as that our four-legged friends in neutralizing harmful substances.


An important companion in our modern life. Beyond-E can support our system to neutralize unwanted side-effects of modern technology.

Power Booster

Supports the body to quickly return to its optimal level of energy and supports that for about 5 hours.


These products harmonize and balance, they interrupt acquired stress patterns, making a more constructive answer to stress possible.


Can help to harmonize interaction with many environmental factors, such as pollen, dust, animal hair and many more.


The complementary subtle processes of different products are ideally combined in Master, thus being an ideal companion when traveling or supporting you in everyday life.


Gently supports your energy-system in raising to its ideal frequency of regeneration.

About Beyond Matters

It is our desire to support you to the best of our ability on this shared journey we call life.